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Welcome Internet 3.0 – The end of address-defined networking
Our new Identity-Defined Network platform ushers in the era of Internet 3.0 with the release of our new HIPrelay, the world’s first identity-based router. Now you can overcome costly network barriers while enabling secure connectivity between any IP resource, located anywhere, instantly.

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Tempered Networks CEO
Jeff Hussey on Internet 3.0


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Tempered Networks VP of Solutions Architecture
Marc Kaplan on the HIPrelay


“We see tremendous value in Tempered Networks’ identity-based architecture and their new HIPrelay product. Network segmentation is often an unreachable goal for organizations that grew with a flat network, and securely routing hosts across separate networks has always posed huge hurdles.  Leveraging Tempered Networks’ simple policy-based orchestration, we can propose solutions to segment the existing network without requiring major architectural redesigns.” 

Randy Watkins, Director of Security Architecture at Critical Start

“Too much network operations time is spent engineering around limitations in primitive protocols and the products that can no longer effectively support the business and IT demands being made. Tempered Networks identity-defined networking relegates those challenges to the background enabling a seamless, secure and robust network on the LAN, across the WAN, in the cloud, and includes smart phones, tablets, and laptops allowing IT to create the network it needs.” 

Mike Fratto, Research Director, GlobalData.

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